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What is Trend Network

TREND NETWORK is an anonymous, decentralized, people-oriented service showcasing and distribution platform.

The platform is built over tried and tested Ethereum protocol and Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS). Transactions on the platform are mostly handled using its own TREND NETWORK tokens – an ERC20 based cryptocurrency which is now one of the most sought-after token creation standards.

Token works with every global cryptocurrency. Token is designed to be flexible to last hundred of years and to work with IoT whilst being compatible with any future system.

About Trend Network

 The main objective of TREND NETWORK team is to create a platform that can serve the purposes of both the Service Providers and Clients. The platform built over Ethereum protocol makes use of smart contracts for automation and provides an easy and cost-effective way to sell and showcase services. Unlike other similar platforms, TREND NETWORK incorporates a simple yet efficient user interface that allows the users to browse and see services just the way they have been doing on conventional services platform. The multi cryptocurrency and fiat support makes the platform even more convenient for the users. 

Token Specification

The TREND NETWORK platform is built over Ethereum protocol.

The Token specifications are as follows:

Token Name: Trend Network (TRD)

Total Supply: 500 000 000

Symbol: TRD

Decimals: 0

Contract address: 0xC879041033702169164A967Ebf4d770cC5875a8b

Format: ERC20 Compliant

Tradable Between Users: Yes 

Trend Network Team

A group of industry experts with experience in blockchain and Forex who are rethinking of tomorrow.  A collection of passionate and highly skilled individuals, located around the world.

Mark Remond

Mark Remond is the Founder & CEO of TREND NETWORK, and the visionary behind TREND's decentralized architecture and web services.

He  is an expert in multi-agent and blockchain technologies as well as big  data and machine learning. He was responsible for Symphony CMS and has  20+ years experience developing data and content platforms.

Tony Scotch

Tony Scotch is a web entrepreneur with strong experience in building tech  products for data analysis, data driven marketing and media acquisition.  He discovered Bitcoin in 2013 and fell in love with the revolution ever  since. 

Patrick Goodwill

Patrick Goodwill has over 20 years experience in Technology related startups and  entrepreneurship covering Cryptocurrencies, Mobile Payments in the City  of London working with leading firms.

Thomas Matthew

Garry Wilson

John Melbourne

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Promoting Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology

TREND NETWORK is one of the successful cryptocurrency projects of 2018. The platform has introduced blockchain technology into the business industry to encourage the growth of the ecosystem while solving some of the issues regarding the well-being of the service providers community. At the same time, the TREND NETWORK team has also made it their mission to promote the use of cryptocurrencies among the general public. In order to familiarize people with cryptocurrency usage, they have included support for various payment options alongside the platform’s native TREND NETWORK tokens. Even though TREND NETWORK tokens remain the primary mode of value exchange on the platform, people can still purchase services using other cryptocurrencies and even fiat. By including fiat payments, TREND NETWORK is ensuring that those who are not used to conducting cryptocurrency transactions aren’t left out and at the same time, it also acts as a gateway for them to enter the blockchain and digital currency domain.

Ethereum And The Smart Contract System

The TREND NETWORK ecosystem is built on Ethereum protocol – the most favored blockchain environment for building decentralized applications.

The Smart Contracts are a revolutionary technological development that allows developers to create binding contracts that get executed when the predefined conditions are met. These smart contracts have paved the way for increased automation on blockchain platforms.

The same is being used by TREND NETWORK as well to maintain a record of the providers and their listed services, works etc. The smart contract is instrumental in ensuring proper allocation of revenues among the providers whose services were purchased by clients.

In the case of companies, or works created by multiple providers, the TREND NETWORK smart contract ensures automatic distribution of revenue among all the band members (providers) as per the predefined percentages. For example, if a service by a three-member company is sold, the smart contract within the platform can divide and distribute the proceeds individually among all company members in whatever percentage is designated for each individual. DAO, a prized feature of TREND NETWORK also implements a smart contract to rate the votes gained by each provider based on the staking of each voter. 

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